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Due to the life-threatening nature of anaphylaxis, it’s absolutely essential to have an anaphylaxis action plan in place. This means that when faced with this emergency situation, you can jump straight into action with an efficient and effective response.

The Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA) offers ASCIA Action Plans for Anaphylaxis that have been developed and reviewed by experts. The action plans offer a guideline on how to recognise the signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis, in addition to how to respond to and treat allergic reactions.

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Anapen and EpiPen Action Plan

Expiry-Alert | Keeping Your Anaphylaxis Action Plan Updated

A key part of dealing successfully with life threatening anaphylactic shock is having an EpiPen, Anapen or autoinjector that is still in date. An expired Pen is never a sure bet when it comes to treating a severe allergic reaction – and a life or death situation leaves no room to gamble. Instead, take proactive steps to ensure that you have the right tools and knowledge for successfully managing anaphylaxis

The Expiry-Alert app offers:

Vital Reminders | You’ll be sent timely reminders to update and replace your Pen/s before they expire providing your ample time to replace them.

Resource Hub | Free resources to help you educate yourself and others – such as your family, workplace, and organisation – and successfully create an anaphylaxis action plan.

Peace of Mind | Enjoy peace of mind with the security of external EpiPen / Anapen reminders, as well as having easy, localised access to relevant information at your fingertips.

Adrenaline Autoinjector Action Plan

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Subscribing to Expiry-Alert | What’s Involved?

How It Works

  • Step 1 | download the app
  • Step 2 | select the plan you need, based on the number of Pens you have
  • Step 3 | nominate a secondary person to also receive expiry reminders
  • Step 4 | add each autoinjector (we support any brand) and its expiry date, giving it a name/title to match the virtual pen being tracked in the Expiry-Alert app
  • Step 5 | sit back, relax and wait to receive the update reminders as the roll around on the calendar

Expiry-Alert Subscription Options

  • Free Trial | 1 pen
  • Emerald Subscription | 3 pens – $18 AUD per year
  • Gold Subscription | 8 pens – $25 AUD per year
  • Commercial | Contact us for volumes and pricing.

The Expiry-Alert Reminder | What To Expect

One (1) month prior to the expiry date, your pen replacement reminders will be sent via text and email to both the app “owner”, as well as their selected secondary contact. It is then up to the user to purchase and replace the adrenaline autoinjector in question.

Managing Anaphylaxis with Adrenaline Autoinjector expiry date tracking

Things to Keep in Mind

To get the most out of your Expiry-Alert app and subscription, make sure you:

  • Enter the correct Pen expiry dates – each pen will have their own expiry date printed on the pen
  • Keep the app updated with any EpiPen / Anapen / Auto Injector activity, including:
  1. If you have used any of your Pens and have replaced it
  2. When you replace your Pens due to expiry

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Who Can Benefit from Using Expiry-Alert – The App

Anaphylaxis emergency action plan with Expiry-Alert

Expiry-Alert is an app for anyone who lives with the threat of anaphylaxis. You can enjoy peace of mind with the app’s timely reminders, in addition to a host of relevant and useful information about anaphylaxis.

For Individuals Living with Anaphylaxis

Individuals living with anaphylaxis are required to be extra vigilant when it comes to being prepared for the possibility of going into anaphylactic shock. This means having enough Epi-Pens on hand at the places you frequent the most, such as at home, at work and on your person at all times.

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Anaphylaxis Emergency Action Plan

For Families

When a member of your family is diagnosed with anaphylaxis, there is a responsibility for all of the family members (including the individual) to have an understanding of anaphylactic shock and how to treat it, including use of the anaphylaxis EpiPen, Anapen or any other adrenaline autoinjector pen.

Expiry-Alert offers a wealth of information in our Resource Hub on this website and FAQ accessible via the App itself – all designed to help your family learn and understand the essential and life-saving skills and knowledge needed to deal with anaphylaxis. The app helps you to keep track of where the Pens are (such as home, school, kindergarten / daycare, work, sports / dance) and when they need to be replaced.

For Government Departments & Care / Respite Providers

Expiry-Alert offers an extra layer of security when it comes to ensuring that your organisation meets its duty of care obligations. Organisation that can benefit from the vital health reminders offered by Expiry-Alert include:

  • Government funded & private schools
  • Childcares & day care centres
  • St Johns Ambulance
  • Emergency Services
  • Retirement Villages
  • NDIS facilities
  • Disability services
Anaphylaxis Action Plan and Management APP

Any workplace that is expected to carry first aid supplies on hand, and/or where either a career, staff member or medical officer is required to administer adrenaline injections via an EpiPen, Anapen or other adrenaline autoinjector brand.

If your organisation operates within an industry that comes into contact with known anaphylaxis triggers, it is essential that you are stocked and up-to-date with adrenaline auto-injectors to provide emergency treatment. This might businesses operating in:

  • Marine industry
  • Food & beverage industry
  • Factory & production
  • Outdoor work spaces
Anaphylaxis Action Plan with the Expiry-Alert APP

Ensure maximum duty of care with EpiPen reminders and tracking